About FutureFantastic

What is FutureFantastic?

FutureFantastic is a first-of-its-kind AI Arts festival that highlights the power collaboration and creative production have in amplifying a global response to our shared climate emergency. The festival has been conceptualised by BeFantastic in partnership with FutureEverything (UK). FutureFantastic is made possible by the generous contribution of its primary supporters, The British Council’s India/UK Together Season of Culture, and, Rohini & Nandan Nilekani Philanthropies.

Why should I attend FutureFantastic? 

Understanding our path towards a sustainable future requires collaboration between various forms of intelligence — human, AI and otherwise. FutureFantastic aims to find innovative ways to retell the climate narrative using the path-breaking potential that TechArt has to offer. We believe TechArt can be the future tool to build a personal and emotional connection with the world around us.

What is TechArt?

TechArt is the portmanteau of Technology and Art, a genre that brings together novel technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Open Source closer together with the practice of art making. Bringing together a community of artists, technologists and researchers under one innovative genre, FutureFantastic champions AI Art as TechArt, establishing it as a genre unique from New Media or Digital Art practices.

Find out more about TechArt, AI Art and more such jargon in our Glossary!

What can I expect from the festival?

FutureFantastic is designed in such a way that it brings forth creative and collaborative ways to engage with the climate debate while simultaneously demystifying and making familiar the themes of Technology, Art and Climate Change. Acknowledging that these efforts cannot be materialised without interaction, we offer immersive TechArt Showcases, CoLab workshops for people of all ages, and Dialogs that facilitate discourse between domain experts and festival visitors.

Who can visit FutureFantastic?

Anybody can! Age, gender, ethnicity no-bar; all you need to visit FutureFantastic is the zeal to learn and an open mind.

When and where is the festival happening?

The festival is happening at Rangashankara and Infosys Science Foundation on the 11th & 12th of March 2023, and at Bangalore International Centre (BIC) from the 24th to 26th of March 2023. All venues are in Bengaluru, India and the festival hopes to travel across the city thereafter. To know more about visiting FutureFantastic, head over to our Venues page.


How do I register for FutureFantastic?

You can register for FutureFantastic here or by clicking on ‘Register Here’ on our menu bar.

What are the timings for the festival?

The festival starts at 10 AM at all venues and ends depending on the programming at each venue. For a detailed look at the various artworks, performances, workshops and talks at FutureFantastic, visit our Programme Page.

How do I contact FutureFantastic for other questions?

You can get in touch with us by writing to [email protected] with your queries.